Support Coordination Services

Assisting and empowering our individuals and their families with allocating services within their community that foster independence.
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Core Values

Caring for All with Respect and Empathy

Cadely CARE Services was approved for service in June 2019 to Care for All individuals with Respect and Empathy. The team at CCS are aware of the challenges that families face when caring for individuals with physical and mental health challenges. Our dedicated, diverse staff will assist you and your family in a proficient, effective manner to alleviate your uncertainties and to address your unique needs.

Assisting Families Through Support Coordination to Achieve Independence

Client Eligibility/Admission

Cadely Care Services provides support to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (age 21 and older). Support services are contingent upon eligibility through the Division of Developmental Disabilities. 

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Counties We Serve


Language Accomodations




CARE _ Caring for All with Respect and Empathy

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